Earn Passive Income with Moralis Money

Earn Passive Income with Moralis Money

🧐 What is Moralis Money?

Moralis Money is a simple yet effective way to find undervalued cryptocurrencies before they gain momentum or start trending on CoinGecko and Twitter. Moralis Money provides all the essential insights to spot coins that are gaining traction ahead of the crowd.

💵 How can I generate income with Moralis Money?

You can make money with Moralis Money as a user or through their affiliate program.

💰 How much can I earn through affiliates? Is financial independence possible?

Moralis Money offers a 30% lifetime commission on all revenue generated through your referrals.

As of this FAQ, Moralis Money has a Pro plan priced at $97 per month.

You’ll earn approximately $33 per month for each person you refer.

With just 30 active referrals, you can make about $1,000 extra per month.

By referring 300 individuals, you can earn roughly $10,000 in passive income monthly.

Moralis Affiliate FAQ

🚀 How do I begin?

Where do I register?

Visit affiliate.moralismoney.com and sign up.

📈 How do I obtain my first paying users?

Attract visitors to the site - encourage them to try the free version

When someone clicks your link, a cookie is placed on their computer that remains there for 45 days.

This means that if someone tests the free version of Moralis Money and decides to upgrade within 45 days, you’ll receive the commission!

The product is of high quality, so as long as you get people to click your link, explain the product, and encourage them to try it out, you’re likely to make sales. People will try the free version, experience its benefits, see the limitations, and upgrade.

So, there’s no need for aggressive selling - just get them to test the free version! 🎉

How can I drive traffic?

  1. Create content on YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms showcasing Moralis Money and introducing it to people who haven’t heard of it before.
  2. Participate in Telegram and Discord groups for altcoin traders. This strategy is effective because you know those individuals are actively trading altcoins. Share your affiliate links in these groups.
  3. Produce SEO-optimized content.

Ultimately, it’s about building an audience or becoming an active member of an altcoin trading community.

📈 What happens if a referred client upgrades their plan?

All upgrades count towards the revenue you generate through your referrals.

Moralis Money continuously develops new and exciting features to assist their clients on their journey. As more features become available, higher-tier plans will be introduced, increasing your revenue if your referrals decide to upgrade their subscriptions.

💲 What is the minimum payout balance?

A minimum accumulated balance of $200 is required to receive a payout.

🤝 Can I recruit sub-affiliates?

Yes, Moralis Money supports sub-affiliates.

You can earn 10% of the revenue brought in by your sub-affiliates.

For example, if you have a friend with a social media following who signs up as an affiliate using your special link, they become your sub-affiliate. If your friend signs up 300 people, they would earn $10,000 per month, and you would earn an additional $1,000 per month.

🌟 What features does Moralis Money provide?

Moralis Money offers three primary features that simplify the process of discovering altcoins:

  1. Token Explorer - A tool for finding undervalued altcoins.
  2. Token Shield - A feature designed to help users avoid scams and rug pulls.
  3. Token Alerts (coming soon) - A feature for setting up and receiving real-time alerts when new opportunities arise.

🎥 DEMO Video

Coming soon

😃 How does Moralis Money differ from other “On-Chain Analytics” websites and services?

  1. Moralis Money stands out from other on-chain analytics platforms by providing straightforward tools that reveal valuable insights. The information they offer is easily applicable to the market and can be integrated into your daily trading activities. Competing platforms often overwhelm users with endless charts and non-actionable on-chain data.
  2. Moralis Money is created by individuals with a proven track record in trading altcoins (e.g., Ivan on Tech was an early adopter of MATIC at just a few cents). Other competing platforms are often developed by data scientists without trading experience, resulting in tools that don’t contribute to crypto success and only lead to information overload.

🤑 Why should I become a Moralis Money affiliate?

Moralis Money is an excellent tool that helps thousands of people navigate the crypto market. If you enjoy empowering others, sharing Moralis Money and teaching them how it works is an ideal opportunity.

Driving traffic to the website supports the growth of Moralis Money, allowing the team to expand and develop even more features that positively impact users’ lives.

Their mission is to guide people through these markets and provide all the necessary tools to identify opportunities as early as possible.

📜 What are the terms?

Please read: https://affiliate.moralismoney.com/programs/moralis-money/tos/


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