▷ Bitcoin and Crypto Profit Calculator

▷ Bitcoin and Crypto Profit Calculator

For periodical investments please use our advanced calculator.
It might be possible that not all cryptocurrencies are covered by the server.
If you had invested on the day you would have had the opportunity of buying at a price of a total of valued today .
Original Investment
Purchase Date
Purchase Price
Assets Bought
SALE Sale Date Today
Sale Price
Investment Value
Profit Percentage

This cryptocurrency is not in our system.
Remember to try with the currency code instead of the full name.
For example: DOGE, SHIB, DOT, FIL, TRX, BNB...
This date is not in our register.
Try another date, for example 2021-04-01.

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Bitcoin Calculator Instructions

With this crypto profit calculator you can find out what profit you could have obtained by investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in time.

In order to use this bitcoin calculator to find out your bitcoin profits (or other crypto profits), please enter the initial investment you’d like to calculate and choose the crypto you’d like to simulate.

You can choose other cryptos not included in the dropdown but make sure to enter the exact ticket the crypto has. For example, instead of DOGECOIN type in DOGE, or instead of ETHEREUM enter ETH. It might be possible not all cryptocurrencies are covered by the API.

When selecting the sale date, depending on the time it might not be possible to choose today if the markets have not yet been registered as closed. If so please choose Yesterday as the sale date.

The Bitcoin profit calculator will return the investment value both in profit percentage and absolute crypto profit gains.