The Ultimate Guide to using CURVE

The Ultimate Guide to using CURVE

In this guide you will learn what the Curve card is and how to use any card in Apple Pay / Google Pay / Samsung Pay although initially regardless of whether it supports it. Curve is very powerful when combined with the card.

What is CURVE

Curve is a financial application (fintech) that makes a physical debit card available to the user. Every time we pay with this Curve card, it will make charges to the cards of other banks that we have introduced in the application. In other words, Curve is a card that charges other cards.

Curve Cards
Curve Cards

Different Cards

Card Comparison
Card Comparison

There is a free card tier and two premium models in exchange for a subscription. The premium models apart from various insurances and access to airport lounges (through the LoungeKey app) generate a 1% cashback for 3 or 6 merchants to choose from.

Curve App
Curve App


Go Back in Time

Curve Back in Time
Curve Back in Time

In Curve it is possible to insert more than one card in the application. When we try to pay at a store with the Curve card, we will try to charge the card that we have marked by default. If this card does not have sufficient funds, the second card on the list will be used. Curve allows us a period of 30 days to decide if a charge that has been made with one card we prefer to make it with another. If we so decide, a refund of the original charge will be made and the selected card will be charged.

Apple Pay / Google Pay / Samsung Pay

There are many banks whose cards are still not allowed to be used within the Apple Pay / Google Pay / Samsung Pay ecosystem. With CURVE we solve this limitation by adding our Curve card in Apple Pay / Google Pay / Samsung Pay and entering the details of our card from our traditional bank so that Curve charges you.

Curve Apple Wallet
Apple Wallet Cards

Use credit cards as debit cards

In some stores it is not allowed to pay with credit cards. Through Curve we can skip this limitation since it is detected as a debit card but below we can be paying with a credit card.

Expense statistics by category

Curve Expenses
Expense Management

The application offers statistics of our expenses in the style of Mint.


It is possible to divide expenses in installments to pay in 3,6,9 or even 12 months in exchange for interest that depends on the duration of the payment.

How to combine it with Crypto .com

The card does not allow access to Apple Pay / Google Pay / Samsung Pay. Through Curve it is possible to do it. The card gives a cashback of up to 8%, which added to 1% of Curve can give interesting returns for payments that were going to be made anyway.

In addition, if at any time we do not have funds on the Crypto card, we can put a second backup card in Curve so that the charge does not make an error and then we will have 30 days to use the Go Back In Time functionality to make the return of the card. backup card and upload to Crypto .com.

How to combine it with the Plutus card

The Plutus card can be combined with Curve to further optimize benefits.

One of the benefits associated with Plutus is the Curve subscription, so we can subscribe to the first Curve card and Plutus would return €10 per month which would generate an additional 1% cashback (at 3 retailers).

In addition, we have the possibility of measuring the card in Apple Pay / Google Pay / Samsung Pay and the possibility of using the Go Back In Time functionality for those times when we do not have funds in Plutus but we want to receive the refund later.

Order one

You can get the Curve card at this link.


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