What is CRYPTO - Monaco (MCO/CRO)

What is CRYPTO - Monaco (MCO/CRO)

The cryptocurrency CRYPTO previously called Monaco (MCO) is not too interesting on its own, but it is in conjunction of your mobile and credit card application when it becomes something to keep in mind that also competes with other cards such as BNext and Revolut.


The product that the Monaco team is characterized by offering several components:

Cryptocurrency Wallet/Exchange

First of all we have the mobile application (iOS and Android) that it does among other wallet tasks. In order to use it, it is important to carry out a KYC (Know Your Client) process. It is a very simple process of less than 5 minutes where the app will take pictures of us and our documentation to verify our identity.

At the moment the app supports the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Monaco (MCO)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Maker (MKR)

among many others, with a long list of new currencies being incorporated every month.

Any of these cryptocurrencies can be purchased ** directly from the app ** through the following methods:

** No commissions (FREE, 0% commission): **

  • With other cryptocurrencies.
  • With bank transfers.
  • With fiat credit.

** With commissions: **

  • With a debit/credit card, the purchase of cryptocurrencies costs a 3.50% commission per transaction.
Crypto PAY
Cryptocurrency purchase

The conversion rates applied to BTC purchases are quite tight to those offered by other platforms such as Bitstamp or Kraken, so they are a good alternative to the usual exchanges.

It is important to keep in mind that although they call it wallet they are not such because at no time are we given the private keys of our accounts. This implies that although we do not have direct access to our funds, by having it through Monaco, the user is offered fiat and cryptocurrency shipments between Monaco users for free.

Extract cryptocurrencies outside the Monaco ecosystem if it entails a commission since it is a movement between real wallets. For example, extracting BTC from your personal wallet would cost 0.0005BTC regardless of the amount of BTC being extracted.

Like other applications such as Delta or Blockfolio, a cryptocurrency price tracker is included to see real-time market variations.

Crypto Track
Crypto Track

Fiat money portfolio (euros, dollars …)

Additionally, we may have funds in multiple currencies (for example part in euros and part in dollars). Monaco ensures that the exchange rate will be the interbank exchange in real time with commissions of 0%. In this way, a user would have very easy to sell their euros or dollar changes in real time, something very advantageous compared to the changes offered by traditional banks when trying to pay abroad with a credit card of a different currency.

As usual in products like this, you can send and receive funds from both fiat and cryptocurrencies with other Crypto users.

Free money transfer
Envío de dinero gratuito

In addition, following the model of applications such as Mint or Fintonic, all expenses we make with Monaco credit cards will be categorized in the application to help the user make budgets or organize their expenses.

Monaco Budgets
Payment tracking

From these fiat wallets is where the credit cards detailed below will be used that ** will give us a cashback of between 1% and 5% ** depending on certain conditions.

Card types

The real product of Crypto.com is the credit cards they offer. All of them except the * Midnight Blue * require the user to buy a specific amount of CRO tokens and enclose them in the Monaco ecosystem for 6 months. After this time the user will be returned the tokens with which he can do whatever he wants. That is why the cards are considered free except for the price variations that the CRO token could have during these 6 months.

The price of CRO ranges from that of any asset, historically it has been between $ 2 and $ 8 and can be purchased from within the app as we have detailed above.

All cards are free in terms of maintenance costs and sending the card to the user, and can be blocked in case of loss from the application easily.

All of them will have 24/7 support by real people. There are plans in the roadmap to add them all to services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Play but they will not be available yet at launch.

In addition, all cards have additional advantages if you keep your CROs locked beyond the initial time required, such as a higher percentage of cashback (money returned in CRO currency) or services such as Spotify and Netflix free. I have marked in bold those advantages that require continued blocking of CRO.

Midnight Blue

Monaco Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue

The midnight blue card is the most affordable of all, it has the following limits:

  • CRO to block: 0 CRO
  • Return of 1% of all expenses incurred with the card.
  • Free interbank exchange: $ 2000
  • Free ATM withdrawal: $ 200

Ruby Steel

Monaco Ruby Steel
Ruby Steel

The Ruby Steel card is characterized by:

  • CRO to block: 1,000 CRO
  • ** 2% refund of all expenses if we continue blocking CRO **. 1% otherwise.
  • Free interbank exchange: $ 4,000
  • Free ATM withdrawal: $ 400
  • ** Spotify free (only one subscription). **

Royal Indigo/Jade Green

Indigo Blue - Jade Green
Indigo Blue - Jade Green
  • CRO to block: 10,000 CRO
  • ** Return of 3% of all expenses if we continue blocking CRO **. 1.5% otherwise.
  • Loungekey: Access to the VIP Lounge at the airports.
  • Free interbank exchange: $ 10,000
  • Free ATM withdrawal: $ 800
  • ** Spotify free (only one subscription). **
  • ** Free Netflix (only one subscription). **

Icy White

Monaco Icy White
Icy White
  • CRO to block: 100,000 CRO
  • ** Return of 4% of all expenses if we continue blocking CRO **. 1.75% otherwise.
  • Loungekey: Access to the VIP Lounge at the airports + 1 companion.
  • Free interbank exchange: $ 10,000
  • Free ATM withdrawal: $ 800
  • ** Spotify free (only one subscription). **
  • ** Free Netflix (only one subscription). **
  • ** 10% of expenses on Expedia.com returned up to $ 50 per month. **
  • ** 10% of expenses on Airbnb.com returned up to $ 100 per month. **
  • ** Access to MCO Private. **

Obsidian Black

Monaco Black
  • CRO to block: 1,000,000 CRO
  • ** Return of 5% of all expenses if we continue blocking CRO **. 2% otherwise.
  • Loungekey: Access to the VIP Lounge at the airports + 1 companion.
  • Free interbank exchange: No limit.
  • Free ATM withdrawal: $ 1000
  • ** Spotify free (only one subscription). **
  • ** Free Netflix (only one subscription). **
  • ** 10% of expenses on Expedia.com returned up to $ 50 per month. **
  • ** 10% of expenses on Airbnb.com returned up to $ 100 per month. **
  • ** Access to MCO Private. **
Cards Comparison
Card comparison

Monaco Credit

In the same way that Salt offers, it is possible to get a loan in fiat money leaving as collateral BTC or MCO with better conditions. In case of leaving BTC as collateral, a credit in fiat would be received for a value of 40% of the valuation of the cryptocurrency at that time, and for 30% for the case of MCO. In addition, credit fees will vary depending on how much MCO we have blocked.

For example, for $ 10,000 in BTC used as collateral we will receive $ 4,000 in TUSD and depending on whether we have enough blocked MCO we will pay 8% or 12% annual interest.

Monaco Earn

In the same way that we can request a loan with our funds, we can also lend it and get an interest (lower than that of Crypto Invest).

The annual returns we will receive from different cryptocurrencies increase if we have 500 MCO blocked:

Time Cryptocurrencies Stablecoins CRO
3 meses 4%-6% 10%-12% 16%-18%
1 mes 2%-4% 8%-10% 16%-14%
flexible 1%-2% 6%-8% 12%-14%

With some exceptions:

Crypto Earn
Crypto Earn

Crypto Earn is an excellent way of getting returns on your cryptocurrencies in a constant and low-risk way.

For example if we had 1,000 CRO blocked within the system, we would get the following:

  • 18% on those 500 CRO (900 CRO returns per year)
  • 5.5% yearly returns on our BTC
  • 12% in our stablecoins
  • 3% on whatever payments we do with our tier 3 card (Royal Indigo, Jade Green).
  • Spotify and Netflix free
  • Airport Acceso Lounge Key for one person.

Monaco PAY

Crypto PAY
Crypto PAY

Monaco is pushing its new Crypto.com Chain (CRO) currency with the intention of mimicking the success that WeChat is having in the Chinese market for mobile payments. His intention is to compete with VISA and Mastercard by offering a free payment system for the merchant, which also offers a dashboard from which to control all his payments:

Crypto PAY
Crypto PAY Dashboard

For the user, a new button to pay with Crypto Chain will appear on the websites that have it enabled in the same way that a link to pay with Paypal would appear and will be given to choose with which cryptocurrency you want to make the payment.

Crypto PAY
Crypto PAY


Additionally Monaco is offering $ 50 to all those users who sign up with a referral link as well as the person who refers as long as they end up blocking some CRO.


Kris Marszalek
Kris Marszalek

Kris Marszalek is the CEO of Monaco, a well-known entrepreneur with experience in the financial sector, the rest of the team can be checked in the Team section of your website with links to your direct linkedin profiles.


On July 6, 2018, the Monaco team has made a rebranding of its company and will be called CRYPTO, and a new version of the whitepaper .

Today we announce the rebranding of Monaco to CRYPTO.com that reflects our mission to accelerate the global transition to cryptocurrencies. - Kris Marszalek

Where to buy

Mainly the best place to buy CRO is in the CRYPTO application itself .

Where to store CRO

Being an ERC-20 currency, CRO can be stored in any wallet that supports Ethereum using the same address without problems. It may seem that some wallets, such as blockchain.info, do not support ERC-20 coins despite supporting Ethereum. In fact, if you send your funds there you would not lose them, they would be saved correctly, but you will not be able to view them from the web today, to do so you should import the private key of blockchain.info to a wallet that does support it. However, due to the amount of advantages that the CRO lock has, it is beneficial to store them directly in your application despite not having the private key under our control.


Monaco’s idea is to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by betting on design and user experience to attract the public. What catches my attention the most is its theoretically perfect interbank exchange, which could save the user many costs when traveling.

It is important to keep in mind that it is not a wallet by not providing the private key, so we should be putting funds in the form of cryptocurrencies with caution.

It is interesting how cryptocurrency shortages are generated by encouraging users to block funds in exchange for certain rewards, but it should be seen what happens with the value of the CRO once the growth of new card users comes down still having a solid user base. It is normal to expect that it does not impact the product itself since it is clear to me that ** the creation of a cryptocurrency for the card was totally unnecessary ** and therefore the product should be able to survive without it.

You can register here via mobile and get $ 50 at CRO after booking your card.


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