The Ultimate Guide to Cards (up to 8% cashback)

The Ultimate Guide to Cards (up to 8% cashback)

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What are the VISA debit cards

It is a card with no annual prepaid VISA costs created by the company . This card can be loaded with cryptocurrencies and/or fiat money (USD, EUR, GBP, SGD …) and has the following benefits (they vary depending on the card):

  • Cashback between 1% and 8% on all payments made with the card.
  • Netflix free
  • Amazon Prime Free
  • Spotify Free
  • Free access to lounge lounges at airports through the LoungeKey app.
  • Discounts on Expedia/AirBnb.
  • Returns on Crypto staking up to $48,000 on initial stake + 12% on everything else.
Benefits per Crypto Card

Being able to opt for one card or another depends solely on the amount of CRO that you want to stake. CRO is the token (the cryptocurrency) created by the company , and staking means blocking your funds .

For example, if we want to opt for the first card, Midnight Blue, it is not necessary to make any type of stake and we will immediately obtain 1% cashback.

If instead we opt for the red card, Ruby Steel, we will have to buy $ 400 of CRO and block them through the app. The $ 400 will be locked in for 6 months during which the CRO price can go up or down. Once the 6 months have passed, the funds are released and we can sell them if we want to at the price at which they are quoted at the time, but if we want to continue enjoying the benefits of the cards we must leave them stakeholder. If we decide to sell the CRO our profits will be reduced, for example instead of having 2% cashback with the red card we will have 1%.

The card is accompanied by an app available on iOS and Android.

Fiat Portfolio

The application allows you to have funds in multiple currencies (for example, part in euros and part in dollars). ensures that the exchange ratio will be interbank exchange in real time with commissions of 0%. In this way, a user would have very easy to sell their euros or dollar changes in real time, something very advantageous compared to the changes offered by traditional banks when trying to pay abroad with a credit card in a different currency.

As is usual in products like this, it will be possible to send and receive both fiat and cryptocurrency funds with other Crypto users.

Free money transfer
Free money transfer


The application has a balance directly linked to the credit card that we can fill by moving funds within the app. The card is assigned a single currency so to put USD in a EUR card we must convert the funds first.

All payments made with a card generate cashback. This benefit will be granted to us in your CRO currency which we can:

  • Sell them immediately for fiat money (USD, EUR …)
  • Sell them immediately for another cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH …)
  • Save it in our wallet for later.
  • Staking for a return in Crypto Earn or in the application of of DeFi (both explained more ahead).

Cryptocurrency Portfolio

The application has a built-in wallet that accepts balance in numerous cryptocurrencies.

Any of the cryptocurrencies offered can be purchased ** directly from the app ** through the following methods:

No commissions (FREE, 0% commission):

  • With other cryptocurrencies.
  • With bank transfers.
  • With our fiat balance.

With commissions:

  • With a debit/credit card, the purchase of cryptocurrencies costs a 3% commission per transaction.
Crypto PAY
Cryptocurrency purchase

The conversion ratios applied to BTC purchases are quite adjusted to those offered by other platforms such as Bitstamp or Kraken, so they are a good alternative to the usual exchanges.

It is important to bear in mind that although they themselves call it a wallet, it is not such because at no time are we given the private keys of our accounts. This implies that although we do not have direct access to our funds, by having it through , they are offered the user sends fiat and cryptocurrencies between users for free.

Extracting cryptocurrencies outside the ecosystem does carry a commission since it is a real movement between wallets. For example, extracting BTC to your personal wallet would cost 0.0005BTC regardless of the amount of BTC that is being extracted.

Like other applications such as Delta or Blockfolio, a cryptocurrency price tracker is included to see the market variations in real time.

Crypto Track
Crypto Track

Crypto Earn

Crypto Earn is a way of staking within the Crypto app, if we have any cryptocurrency in our balance we can put it in staking to obtain a return for it.

For example, the stable coin USDC can give a return between 10% and 14% depending on the card we have.

You can get more information about the returns in this page .

DeFi Wallet offers a second application called Crypto DeFi Wallet. This application works in a very similar way to Crypto Earn in the way it gives us returns on our cryptocurrencies but with higher returns.

For example, staking CRO would give us a 6% return on Crypto Earn but up to 12% on the DeFi wallet.

The main difference is that in the DeFi application we will be provided with our private key so that the funds will always be under our control, while in Crypto Earn our cryptocurrencies are under the control of the . When we staking through the DeFi wallet we are participating in a decentralized finance market (compared to Crypto Earn’s centralized solution) and we will be able to choose between numerous independent validators that will offer us more or less competitive returns.


Although cryptocurrencies can be purchased from within the app, if we want to find more competitive prices or perform more advanced operations there is a exchange web created by that we can make use of.

Crypto Exchange
Crypto Exchange

In addition, each person we invite to the exchange , perform the KYC and end up staking can generate up to $ 2000 in addition to discounts on trading fees.

Crypto Credit

It is possible to get a loan in fiat money leaving as collateral BTC or other cryptocurrencies with better conditions than those that a bank could potentially offer.

The commissions offered will also depend on the amount of CRO that we have stake. You can find more information at this website .


Supercharge is an additional staking program where staking programs are constantly made where returns will be given to us for providing liquidity to the active pool at that time.

Crypto PAY is pushing a new payment method with the intention of mimicking the success that WeChat is having on the Chinese market for mobile payments. Their intention is to compete with VISA and Mastercard by offering a free payment system for the merchant, to which they also offer a dashboard from which to control all their payments.

For the user, a new button to pay with Crypto Chain will appear on the websites that have it enabled in this way, in the same way that a link to pay with Paypal would appear and they will be given to choose with which cryptocurrency they want to make the payment.

Crypto PAY
Crypto PAY

How to put money on the card

There are several methods to load the card with money:

With a Debit card

We can enter our lifelong bank debit card in the application and when we want to use it to transfer money from our bank account to the app. This is the fastest and most effective way and it is totally free in Europe.

By Bank transfer

Bank transfers can be made from your banks to your account. This transfer is free.

Selling Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies that we have in our app wallet can be sold for fiat money that we can then transfer to the balance of our card.

Which card should I choose

The card to choose depends on three factors:

  • How much money are you going to spend with the cards per month.
  • If you are already using the services offered as a reward (Netflix, Spotify …)
  • The amount of time you are willing to invest until you recover your investment.

A very important detail when choosing the card is that the CRO that stays stake can give interest for the Jade Green and higher cards. For example, the $ 400 stake for having the Ruby Red running would not give us any benefit while the $ 4000 in CRO for having the Indigo would give us a 10% return, and the $ 40,000 for the Icy White would give us 12%.

You can find here a calculator to find out how long it would take to get your return and how long it would take to get your return investment

Card Cashback Annual Return Years to break even
Midnight Blue 1% $ 180 -
Ruby Red 2% $ 515 0.78
Jade/Indigo 3% $ 1,263 3.17
Icy White/Rose 5% $ 6,179 6.47
Obsidian Black 8% $ 49,919 8.01

Assuming the cashback of expenses of $ 1500 per month, the CRO stake for cards higher than Ruby Steel and the amount recovered by the subscriptions, we can see how the Ruby Steel card would cost less than 1 year to amortize it while the Obsidian Black would cost 8, although at from year 8 we would be generating $ 50,000 a year.

We must also bear in mind that when we want to get out of the ecosystem or simply receive less cashback we could sell our CRO stake (at the price at which it is quoted at that moment).

For a bigger breakdown of each card:

Midnight Blue Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue

The midnight blue card is the most affordable of all, it is made of plastic and has the following limits:

  • CRO to block: 0 CRO
  • Refund of 1% of all expenses made with the card.
  • Free interbank exchange: $ 2000 per month
  • Free ATM withdrawal: $ 200 per month

Ruby Steel Ruby Steel
Ruby Steel

The Ruby Steel card is made of metal and is characterized by:

  • CRO to block: $ 400
  • Annual interest given by the blocked CRO: $ 0
  • 2% refund of all expenses if we continue to block CRO. 1% otherwise.
  • Free interbank exchange: $ 4,000 per month
  • Free ATM withdrawal: $ 400 per month
  • Spotify free (single subscription).

This is the card that I would recommend to beginners, its risk is very low and the investment is recovered in less than 1 year.

Royal Indigo/Jade Green

Indigo Blue - Jade Green
Indigo Blue - Jade Green
  • CRO to block: $ 4,000
  • Annual interest given by the blocked CRO: $ 400
  • Refund of 3% of all expenses if we continue to block CRO. 1.5% otherwise.
  • Loungekey: Access to the VIP Lounge at the airports.
  • Free interbank exchange: $ 10,000 per month
  • Free ATM withdrawal: $ 800 per month
  • Spotify free (single subscription).
  • Netflix Free (a single subscription).

This card is a good long-term investment. The Stake needed to make it work generates $ 400 a year in CRO that we can reinvest for example in the DeFi portfolio for an additional 12%.

Icy White Icy White
Icy White
  • CRO to block: $ 40,000
  • Annual interest given by the blocked CRO: $ 4,800
  • 5% refund of all expenses if we continue to block CRO. 1.75% otherwise.
  • Loungekey: Access to the VIP Lounge at the airports + 1 companion.
  • Free interbank exchange: $ 10,000 per month
  • Free ATM withdrawal: $ 800 per month
  • Discounts on the Exchange.
  • Spotify free (single subscription).
  • Netflix Free (a single subscription).
  • Amazon Prime Free (a single subscription).
  • 10% of expenses returned up to $ 50 per month.
  • 10% of expenses on returned up to $ 100 per month.
  • Access to MCO Private.

Obsidian Black Black
  • CRO to block: $ 400,000
  • Annual interest given by the blocked CRO: $ 48,000
  • Refund of 8% of all expenses if we continue to block CRO. 2% otherwise.
  • Loungekey: Access to the VIP Lounge at the airports + 1 companion.
  • Free interbank exchange: No limit.
  • Free ATM withdrawal: $ 1000 per month
  • Discounts on the Exchange.
  • Spotify free (single subscription).
  • Netflix Free (a single subscription).
  • Amazon Prime Free (a single subscription).
  • 10% of expenses returned up to $ 50 per month.
  • 10% of expenses on returned up to $ 100 per month.
  • Access to MCO Private.
  • Partnership with a private jet company.
Cards Comparison
Card Comparison

I have received a card, can I upgrade to another?

You can upgrade one card to another by paying a fee that depends on the country. For example for Europe it is $ 50. If we wish, we can upgrade without requesting a new physical card and receive all the benefits of the following card with the exception of certain benefits that are directly linked to the physical card that we have:

  • Access to lounges at airports
  • Withdrawal of money at ATMs before rates are applied to us.
  • Interbank exchange before rates are applied to us.


The company offers support to its clients through a messaging system within the app and although they do not usually respond instantly, they usually respond on the same day.


You can order a card through this link and receive $ 25 as a bonus if you get the Ruby Steel card or higher using the referral code h2k1uihz91.


Additionally you can optimize the card’s cashback and use it with Apple Pay / Google Pay / Samsung Pay combining it with Curve.


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